Sustainability at Beaverton Central Plant

The Round during a summer concert with audience, band, plaza and The Beaverton Building.

Protecting Our Environment 

Beaverton is making important decisions to encourage the smart redevelopment of its downtown. The City’s growth must be mindful of resource use, while creating a business climate that encourages growth and creates places where people want to live. Wise use of energy resources and promoting sustainable development will create economic opportunities to position Beaverton businesses for success in an increasingly competitive world. An important element of the City’s activity includes a highly efficient centralized heating and cooling plant, which has been designed to support smart growth. 

What Sustainable Development Means 

Sustainable development integrates social, economic, and environmental concerns to create a better quality of life today and for future generations. Investment in the Beaverton Central Plant (BCP), to support the redevelopment of the downtown core, is a project allowing the City to explore practical implications of sustainable development and smart growth. 

BCP has been an integral part of The Round, a mixed-use transit-oriented development area designed to support a vision of suburban regeneration that would create new vitality for residents, tenants, pedestrians, and passengers along rapid transit nodes.