Traffic Calming


The City of Beaverton is committed to maintaining and improving the livability and safety of its residential neighborhoods. The goals and policies of the city’s Transportation System Plan and Comprehensive Plan provide the policy foundation for the program - specific traffic calming goals and policies provide for implementation. The procedures for the neighborhood traffic calming program are described in the procedures element document

Traffic Calming Program 

Table one of the Beaverton Traffic Calming Project Monitoring Report shows the effects of recent traffic calming projects on traffic speeds and traffic volumes in various neighborhoods. The table shows both the 85th percentile speed (meaning that 85% of the vehicles were going at or below this speed) and the percent of vehicles exceeding the posted speed limit. 

The traffic calming program is intended to improve compliance with the posted speed limits. It is not intended to require drivers to travel significantly below the speed limit. Most vehicles should be able to travel through a traffic calming area at the speed limit. 

Traffic Calming Measures 

Photo gallery of various traffic calming measures employed around the City of Beaverton.