Cross Connection / Drinking Water

Protecting Our Water Supply

As a City of Beaverton customer, you expect your drinking water to be safe. We are committed to providing you the healthiest, highest-quality water, but we need your help. Beaverton has a cross connection control program, as required by the Oregon Health Authority and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Weed killers, pesticides, or fertilizers back-siphoned through sprinkler heads or from the ground (saturated by irrigation water) can contaminate water inside irrigation pipes. Without a backflow prevention assembly, a cross connection between plumbing containing a harmful substance and a drinking water pipe could allow backflow of the harmful substance into your household plumbing or a public drinking water distribution main. Protection of residential water systems can be accomplished by using a special backflow prevention valve (assembly or device) to prevent potential risk of contamination to the public supply as required by Oregon law.

How to Prevent Contamination

When backflow occurs, water runs backwards through your pipes and into the drinking water system. When this happens, the water flowing backwards could contaminate the drinking water supply. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to help prevent contamination of the public water system due to backflow.

  • Irrigation systems: Ensure an approved backflow assembly is installed, is in good working condition, and is tested annually.
  • Private wells: Ensure that well systems are not connected to a public water system. If it is connected, it must have a backflow assembly at the meter, be in good working condition, and tested annually.
  • Residential boilers: Ensure an approved backflow assembly is installed, is in good working condition, and is tested annually.
  • Swimming pools and hot tubs: Ensure that if a water hose is used to fill these units, it is protected with a hose bib vacuum breaker installed on the faucet.

Backflow Assembly & Inspections

City of Beaverton City Code 4.02.160 & 4.02.165 and Oregon Administrative Rules Chapter 333-61-070 states that a water purveyor shall carry out a cross connection control inspection program, discontinuing water service to premises which fail to install an approved backflow assembly where a cross connection or potential cross connection may exist, and ensure the required backflow assembly is tested on an annual basis by a certified testing company, which will be paid for by the homeowner.

For assistance or advice in choosing a backflow assembly or if you are not sure which water provider serves you, please contact the City of Beaverton Cross Connection Control Specialist, at 503-350-4042.