Backflow Assembly Testing

Approving Backflow Assemblies

All assemblies must go through rigid and extensive factory testing through the Foundation for Cross Connection Control and Hydraulic Research (FCCCHR) at the University of Southern California before it is considered to be an approved assembly. All assemblies must be pressure-tested according to their designed operating pressure for use on cold-water service.

The hydrostatic test pressure is twice the maximum rated working pressure of the assembly. The entire assembly is subjected to the hydrostatic test, both in the normal direction of flow and in the reverse direction of flow with the opposite side of the barrier open to the atmosphere. There must be no leakage across any barrier, and the hydrostatic test pressure is maintained for a minimum of 10 minutes for each test. When your assembly has the required annual test, the tester attaches a test gauge to ensure the check valves hold to the proper value.

Additional Information

Learn more about the training of assembly testers.

State Certified Backflow Assembly Testers

For a list of State Certified Backflow Assembly Testers see the Backflow Prevention Devices section in the Yellow Pages.

Partial List of State Certified Backflow Testers

Company Phone Tester Name(s)
A & A Drilling 503-284-3701 Gene Higgins
Accurate Backflow 503-357-1444 Charles Melton
All Northwest Backflow & Irrigation 503-277-3184 John Sheridan
All Seasons Backflow 503-649-2721 Bill Ellis
Aloha Backflow Testing 503-693-1720 Bill Ellis
American Backflow Services 503-289-1745 Josh Blacker
Amy's Backflow Testing Service 503-449-5386 Amy Yates
Backflow Prevention 503-692-2885 Greg Douglas
Basic Fire Protection 503-285-1855 Paul Smith
Beaverton Plumbing 503-643-7619 Kip Steele
Beck's Botanical Landscape Management 503-341-3980 Brent Beck
Bruton Backflow & Irrigation 503-618-1806 Richard Bruton
BVI Backflow 503-858-7606 David Buck Sr., David Buck Jr,
Clearwater Backflow 503-703-7821 Richard Scott
Columbia Cross 503-235-6141 Jim Olbrich
Cookman's Backflow Testing 503-645-0296 Ellis Cookman
Delta Fire Inc. 503-620-4020 Richardson
DeTemple Plumbing 503-227-2641 Michael Howk
Easdale Backflow & Irrigation 541-926-8119 Dave Easdale
EcoBackflow 1-844-6BF-TEST Nolan Womack
Fire Extinguisher Service 503-356-9445 Ray Manning
Fire Services Plus 503-848-2345 Doug Vandecoevering
Fire Systems West 360-693-9906 Court Cady
Flowcheck LLC 503-444-1148 Rob Jones
Grinnel Fire 503-289-9080 Buxman
Heath Backflow 503-625-8553 David Heath
Landscape East & West 503-256-5302 Kirk Lobb
Lewis Landscape Services 503-524-3679 Mary Beth
Mr. Tester 503-464-6945 Kevin Ainsworth
Northwest Backflow 503-695-3286 Roland Beebe
PM Backflow 503-830-0171 Paul Molisani
ProGrass Inc 503-682-6076 Travis Hagen
Pro-Tester 503-222-0951 Carlos Ocejo
Tom Hempel Testing 503-579-0923 Tom Hempel
Water Metrics Company 503-603-9988 David Fuez

If you haven't tested in Beaverton previously and you are a new tester, you may submit your information to the City of Beaverton's Cross Connection Specialist.

To submit your information, please download tester information form (PDF). You can fill in the information, print the form and fax it to 503-526-2535, or save the file as a PDF and email to

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An assembly is required to be tested at the time of installation, whenever it is moved, whenever it is repaired and annually. If you have any questions, please call 503-350-4042 or email