Urban Planning

Urban Forestry

Here in Beaverton, trees are important to us as they're essential to our region's ecology and environmental identity. The Urban Forestry Section of Beaverton's Landscaping department works hard to preserve the health of our trees and bring us all closer to nature.

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Tree City USA official logo with Arbor Day Foundation text.142nd & SW Farmington Arboretum

Established on a lot inappropriate for building or developing, the 142nd & SW Farmington Arboretum serves as a nature refuge and pocket park that is open to the public. Filled with climate appropriate native plants and tree species, this urban green space requires little maintenance in providing a great location to relax and enjoy nature.

Tree City USA

In 2019, The City of Beaverton celebrates its 25th year as a certified Tree City USA. This certification is awarded to those cities which are deemed to exercise sound urban forestry management, maintain a public tree board, enact a community tree ordinance, spend at least $2 per resident on urban forestry, and celebrate Arbor Day.

Official Growth Award logo from Tree City USA.Additionally, Beaverton has been given a Tree City USA Growth Award for 15 years running for our excellence in planning tree plantings and management. This award also celebrates our long standing partnership with Friends of Trees, providing resources to the public on tree-care and volunteer opportunities.

Arbor Day Foundation: Tree City USA Award

Arbor Day Foundation: Tree City USA Growth Award

Friends of Trees

Arbor Day / Arbor Month

Traditionally, Arbor Day is celebrated during the first week of April, but given its closeness to Earth Day on April 22nd, Beaverton has expanded April to Arbor Month. During Arbor Month, Beaverton's Landscaping department gives away native tree species and holds the planting of a symbolic tree.

Bee City USA

The City of Beaverton is currently in the process of being a certified Bee City USA! This award recognizes a commitment to creating and protecting sustainable pollinator habitats, and integrating these commitments into city operations. 

This award is an initiative of The Xerxes Society, a nonprofit dedicated to preserving the health of insect populations that are essential to the healthy ecosystems and productive food systems. More details on our commitments to pollinators and certification status to follow!

Bee City USA

The Xerxes Society