Arts Program

Art lives here.

The significance of art within the community was realized by a grassroots effort of local citizens, resulting in the establishment of the Arts Program by city ordinance in March of 1983. In order to sustain high quality art within the community, the Arts Program provides culturally enriching activities, programs, and services throughout the year.

Large, orange metal sculpture located at Beaverton City Fountain Park.

New Public Art Installed in Beaverton

Outdoor metal sculpture at night lit by LED blue lighting.

Three illuminated sculptures have been installed at the Public Safety Center. The work, titled “Insignia,” represents the motto of the Beaverton Police Department: Courage, Compassion and Integrity. The series emphasizes community engagement and interactivity, taking the form of abstract Beaverton Police badges. The work, created by artist Blessing Hancock, is made from stainless steel and illuminated by LED lights that can change colors and include many words that reflect the BPD’s motto and were collected from the local community.

The text included in the artwork was collected from the local community and is in multiple languages.

To learn more about the artwork, view the dedication video.

How the Arts Heal

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