Operations / Maintenance

Denney Whitford street signResponsibilities

The Operations / Maintenance Division is responsible for providing a wide variety of maintenance activities to ensure the long-term integrity of the city’s infrastructure.


Maintenance activities include work on:

  • City landscapes and trees
  • City vehicles and equipment
  • Roadways and pedestrian / bike paths
  • Street Inspections
  • Traffic signals, street lights, and signs
  • Underground sanitary sewer pipes
  • Underground storm drainage pipes
  • Water quality facilities

Street Maintenance Project

The City of Beaverton’s Public Works Department will be conducting inspections on all city-maintained streets during the month of June.

Infrastructure Management Services truckThe city has hired contractor Infrastructure Management Services LLC (IMS) to complete a detailed inventory and condition rating of all city roadways and right-of-ways. Using a specialized one-ton Ford van fitted with mounted cameras and GPS receivers, IMS will assess pavement conditions including roughness, rutting, cracking, or other surface issues. It will also inventory traffic signs and other assets, and make recommendations for any long-term needed improvements.

The city’s Public Works Department plan to present the findings and final recommendations to the Beaverton City Council this fall.

The City of Beaverton responsibly maintains its roads to prevent long-term condition issues that would require rebuilding. City-maintained streets are frequently inspected, and the Public Works Department resurfaces streets on a regular schedule, which is more cost-effective and less disruptive to residents than rebuilding.

For more information on upcoming paving schedules and other city road projects, visit Street Maintenance.