Development Code


The Development Code contains detailed descriptions of zoning districts and specifies what uses are allowed, prohibited, and conditional in each zone. The Development Code is intended to cover almost all types of land use issues which may arise, but in cases where a land use is not listed, a process for interpretation of the code is provided.

The Development Code also contains procedures for various land use matters, including development, annexation, and modification of previous approvals. Given the breadth of issues the Development Code addresses, the procedures of the code can be fairly complex. However, City staff is available to assist the public in understanding the code.

Application Approval

The criteria for approval of development applications are listed within the code. For a development proposal to be approved through the public review process, the applicant needs to demonstrate that all applicable application approval criteria are met or will be met with conditions of approval.

Development Code Resources

Downtown Design District Development Code Amendments

Recent amendments have been made to the Development Code that regulate development in Downtown Beaverton.  If your property or business is located in the Downtown Design District (refer to map below) please review the updated code below. For more information, please contact Planning Staff at 503-526-2420.

Boundary Map