Energy Solutions at Home

Energy Efficiency at Home

Energy efficiency in the home can be improved through a variety of easy avenues, be it the simple adoption of energy efficient behaviors to installing certified energy efficient equipment and appliances. These changes can be big or small, but no matter the size will be highly impactful in terms of energy consumption, cost, and environmental impact.


Each home has different energy needs, but when it comes to energy usage, the most efficient appliances are the ones that are not on when not in use — lights in particular. Be aware of ghost loads from “off” lights on appliances and pulls from chargers for electronics. Not using it? Turn it off or unplug it!

Shower time! By keeping shower times within 5 minutes, you will save both water and energy required to heat and pump water. Double up by reducing your boiler temperature to 120 degrees!

Believe it or not, 30% of the energy consumed by a home goes towards heating & cooling. Keep wintertime heating at 68 degrees and summertime cooling to 72 degrees to cut down on usage and cost.

For more no-cost and low-cost tips, check out NW Natural’s page on energy efficiency.

Wide, stainless steel shower head with multiple jet streams.
Mature woman wrapped in blanked adjusts wall thermostat.


Before purchasing upgrades, consider having the efficiency of your home evaluated. Get started by using the free evaluation tools available through Energy Star and Energy Trust of Oregon

Once you know where to start, upgrade your appliances to more energy efficient models. Energy Trust of Oregon & Portland General Electric provide cash incentives for upgrades ranging anywhere from your water boiler, insulation, LED lighting, and even windows. Check out Energy Star for a certified list of top performing products.

Worker installing insulation in a residential attic.
A pair of hands replacing a light with an LED bulb.

Energy Efficiency for Multifamily Properties

Energy Efficiency is not just limited to homeowners. Incentives also exist for improving energy efficiency in multifamily properties for appliances that are located in both dwelling units and common areas. These upgrades help reduce operating expenses for apartment complexes, condominium properties, and townhomes, benefiting everyone involved.

Renewable Energy at Home

Powering your home with renewable energy is a choice that not only benefits your, but everyone. The more renewable energy that enters the local and national grid, the fewer CO2 emissions we emit in producing energy. They’re sustainable, silent, and have fairly rapid return on investment. Portland General Electric provides a variety of renewable energy supply options for you to choose from.

Considering having solar installed to power your home? Portland General Electric and Energy Trust of Oregon have free resources available to help inform your decision making process. These pages provide guides on what to take into consideration when getting started, guides to selecting a contractor, applying for tax credits and financing, and more.

Slight aerial view of neighborhood with houses featuring solar panels on the roofs.

Interested in learning exactly how solar panels work? Solar Oregon’s mission is to provide Oregonians with the best information on all things solar—from how they are made, how they work, to what policy exists to support their use.