Energy Solutions at Work

Energy Efficiency at Work

Much like at home, energy efficiency at work can be improved through various efforts in behavior change and equipment & appliance upgrades. However, these efforts often require large scale coordination and cooperation. The best place to start is to work with your facilities manager to a baseline of your business’ energy usage, where energy is being used, and identify the best place to build efficiency.

Simple Steps

  • Set screen monitors to sleep after being idle for 15 minutes.
  • Install timers for all non-emergency and non-essential electronics & equipment to turn off after everyone has left for the day, and to restart before the work day begins.
  • Install motion sensor lighting in rooms that are only occasionally occupied, just as restrooms, meeting rooms, and call rooms.
  • Create an energy efficiency policy to embed energy solutions into the company culture. Educate all staff about the policy and its objectives, energy use, and cost.
  • To aid commercial customers, NW Natural provides a comprehensive list of no-cost and low-cost tips for energy efficiency in commercial buildings and commercial kitchens.

Energy efficient lighting grid installed in the ceiling of a commercial building.


Energy Trust of Oregon provides cash incentives for commercial properties, ranging from office buildings, grocery stores, to lodging. Energy Trust of Oregon recommends viewing both their Oregon Cash Incentives Brochure as well as their list of incentives to find the right upgrades for your business.

Renewable Energy at Work

Powering your business with renewable energy is a choice made available by Portland General Electric, providing a variety of supply options designed specifically for commercial customers. As with our homes, the more our business community chooses green power, the fewer CO2 emissions are emitted into our atmosphere. Green FutureTM Choices.

Looking to explore onsite solar generation at your business? Portland General Electric and Energy Trust of Oregon have free resources available to help your business ask the right questions and make an informed decision for solar installation. Additionally, Energy Trust of Oregon provides cash incentives to help you meet your solar goals.

Interested in learning exactly how solar panels work? Solar Oregon’s mission is to provide Oregonians with the best information on all things solar—from how they are made, how they work, to what policy exists to support their use. Find out more below.