Energy Solutions at City of Beaverton

Central Plant

Located at Beaverton City Hall, the Beaverton Central Plant provides space conditioning for all three buildings of The Round community, approximately being 320,000 sqft. Using two high-efficiency, natural gas powered boilers, the central plant is capable of recovering generated heat and recirculating it among the buildings. Visit our page on the central plant for more information!

City of Beaverton: Beaverton Central Plant 

City Solar Projects

Sexton Mountain

In August 2015, the 420kW solar installation on Sexton Mountain Reservoir began provide clean power for our community. Resulting from a $355,000 award to the City of Beaverton from Energy Trust of Oregon, the solar panels are estimated to create $95,000 in annual energy savings over 20 years. Over the lifetime of the project, the City expects to save almost $1 million, preventing 756,000 lbs of CO2 per year from being emitted into our atmosphere.

Field of multiple solar panels on a sunny day.


In 2012, the City of Beaverton completed the installation of a 17.6 kW solar array on the City Library Building. The south-facing panels are estimated to provide the city with over $7,000 in annual savings with the power that it produces.

Main entrance of Beaverton City Library on a sunny day, featuring the array of solar panels on the b

Facilities Master Plan

As of 2019, The City of Beaverton has committed to creating a Facilities Master Plan for all properties that it owns and operates. This plan will compile energy and utility use data from each property to generate performance baselines, identify areas with potential for the greatest improvement, set goals, and outline how those goals will be met. Our goal is to complete all property audits and finalize our plan in 2019-2020. More to follow!