Consumption at Work

Commercial Sector Consumption

Where businesses purchase goods for their diverse operations and efforts, over-consumption is a sustainability issue of central concern, as it is directly linked to challenges of over-extraction of natural resources, their processing, and waste.

Consumption by the commercial sector and its impact vastly outweighs that of residential homes, presenting tremendous potential for businesses to take on leadership roles in influencing market trends and educating employees on pro-environmental consumption habits.

Durables & Incentives

Providing employees with durable dishware and durable replacements for to-go beverages can discourage consuming single-use items. Have a coffee maker at work? Use a refillable K-Cup filter! Durables are easily incentivized by small rewards and recognition!

Reusable water bottle with text "It’s just one plastic bottle, said 7 billion people." 511

Green Events

A green event is one where little-to-no waste is created during the occasion. Have easy to stack, durable cups and dishware just for these events rather than single-use items. Provide water pitchers rather than bottled water, and create a list of attendees for planning food, amenities, and printing necessary documents.

Reuse Center

Set up a space in a common room or central supply area for used office supplies that are in good condition to be reused. This can help save on stationary costs! Make a clear guide that outlines what you want to be put there and what you don’t want.

Green Purchasing

Choosing what comes into your company is just as important as what comes out. A green purchasing policy is a commitment to buying supplies and materials with high-recycled content, low concentrations of toxics, and certified energy efficient appliances.

Food Waste Stops With Me logo with web address Waste Stops With Me: Hotel | Kitchen

The result of a collaboration between Oregon Metro and Oregon Restaurant & Lodging Association, Hotel | Kitchen is an online tool kit for reducing food waste in restaurants and hotels. Here, purchasing plays a tremendous part in waste prevention.