Our Mission

The Beaverton Municipal Court strives:
  • To provide fair, timely, and speedy resolution of cases involving violations, infractions, and crimes in a manner that is efficient both for the City and for the defendants / citizens
  • To ensure defendants’ strict compliance with judicial orders, including the payment of court-ordered fines and fees and the completion of court-ordered time obligations such as jail time, special counseling or classes, or community service
  • To ensure timely processing of all monies received as well as the reconciliation of these accounts and forwarding of mandatory payments to the appropriate parties (including the Department of Revenue, Washington County Finance, City of Beaverton General Fund, and victims for whom restitution has been ordered)
  • To provide a sufficient and randomly selected pool of jurors for those defendants who choose to exercise their right to trial by a jury of their peers and to ensure that those citizens who participate in this civil responsibility go away viewing this as having been a positive experience and with a better understanding of the judicial process
  • To identify and provide statistical analysis information for planning, goal-setting, strategic decision-making, program analysis, and resource allocation