Youth driver safety Program


To be eligible for the Youth Offender Program, the person cited must be:

  • Receiving their first traffic citation
  • Under 18 years of age at the time they receive the citation

Program Guidelines

  • Appear before the judge with your parent.
  • Attend the Young Driver Improvement Class at Legacy Health Systems (the class cost is paid to Legacy and is in addition to any court fees).
  • Pay the $93 fee for the program to the Court as you leave.
  • Present the contract to the judge for his/her signature.
  • Return to the Court in six months with a parent and with proof of class completion to confirm you have not received any further citations for moving violations. Failure to appear for the six-month court date will result in your license being suspended. A conviction will be entered against you and the maximum fine will be imposed plus assessments.
  • You and your parent review the program and sign the contract if you wish to participate in the Youth Offender Program.