Annexation Process

The City of Beaverton is committed to providing excellent service to its residents, businesses, and visitors. Like other cities in Washington County, the City of Beaverton abuts urban unincorporated areas. From time to time, property owners located in these unincorporated areas annex to the City of Beaverton. The policy of the Beaverton City Council is to annex land of those property owners who wish to be annexed or request city services. The process for requesting annexation is simple. A property owner will need to submit a completed Annexation Petition form to the Current Planning Division. There is no fee for annexation. Once the city has received the annexation petition, City staff will process the request in accordance with local, regional, and State regulations. In total, the annexation process takes approximately 120 days before the annexation to the City of Beaverton becomes effective.

Annexation Forms

For more information, contact Jana Fox - Current Planning Manager, 503-526-3710,