Program Elements

Goals & Objectives

The ultimate goal of the partners’ effort is to improve the overall environmental health of the Tualatin River Basin. In order to do this while also acknowledging the need to minimize potential measure-37 claims, the Tualatin Basin Natural Resources Coordinating Committee (TBNRCC) approved a program that is built upon four primary components: 

  • Administering Goal Five programming through continued coordination at the TBNRCC, which includes monitoring changes to natural resource conditions and directing program adjustments to achieve program goals 
  • Enforcing existing regulations to protect the health of riparian corridors using the Clean Water Services (CWS) vegetated corridor standards under Title Three (Metro Functional Plan) 
  • Generating revenue for capital improvements using surface water management fees 
  • Promoting voluntary activities, including requiring local partners to make regulatory changes that facilitate habitat-sensitive development 

Small pond area surrounded by fir trees on a partly cloudy day.

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