Emergency Response & Recovery Plan


The Emergency Response and Recovery Plan (ERRP) describes the roles and responsibilities of the departments and personnel for the City of Beaverton during major emergencies or disasters. While no plan can replace the common sense and good judgment of emergency response personnel, department directors, and other decision-makers, the ERRP does provide a framework to guide the City’s efforts to respond to and recover from major emergencies or disasters.

Strategy & Guidelines

The plan sets forth a strategy and operating guidelines using the new National Incident Management System (NIMS) Incident Command System (ICS) adopted by the City for managing its response and recovery activities during disasters and emergencies.


The ERRP consists of various sections and supporting materials. The development and maintenance of this plan is the basis of the City’s emergency response and recovery operations.

  • Basic Plan - The Basic Plan provides an overview of the City’s emergency response organization and policies. It cites the legal authority for emergency operations, summarizes the situations addressed by the plan, explains the general concept of operations, and assigns general responsibilities for emergency planning and operations.
  • Functional Annexes - Each annex focuses on one of the critical emergency functions that are typically common for all hazards, which the City will perform in response to an emergency. The type and scope of an incident will dictate which functional annexes will be needed.
  • Hazard-Specific Appendices - The appendices provide additional detailed information and special considerations that are applicable to specific hazards. The appendices are to be used in conjunction with the basic plan and the functional annexes.