Recreation Opportunities

Enjoy Beaverton

Two young boys playing outdoor soccer.
Breathe deep and enjoy the scenery. There are few places in Oregon more beautiful and accessible than the City of Beaverton. Nestled in the heart of the Tualatin Valley, Beaverton is just seven miles west of Portland, combining the best of the energy of a big city and the peaceful surroundings of a county setting.

There is no shortage of activities for the intrepid adventurer in Beaverton. Your opportunities are limited only by your imagination.


Man on bike pedaling near City Park Fountain.



Parks & Open Spaces

The City of Beaverton prides itself on having a park within half a mile of every home. The Tualatin Park & Recreation District manages the City’s more than 100 parks.

The Great Outdoors

Pick a direction - any direction - and you will find the beauty of Oregon at your fingertips. To the west, a 90-minute drive will take you to the Oregon Coast; to the east, 90 minutes to two hours will take you through the breathtaking Columbia River Gorge and onto Mt. Hood, one of the best areas for skiing in the country. To the south, the Willamette Valley boasts wineries and farms in abundance, as well as various lakes and rivers for the water sport enthusiast. To the north, Mt. St. Helens and its surrounding areas wait to be explored in the state of Washington. Just a bit further and to the southeast, Central Oregon awaits with skiing, river sports, and the beauty of the high desert waiting to be explored. Whatever your preference, you’ll find it within a couple of hours of Beaverton.

Bicyclist in front of vegetable stand with red, orange and yellow bell peppers.



Even the most intrepid shopper might be exhausted by the variety in and around Beaverton. Nearby Washington Square is one of the top five shopping malls per square foot of sales in the country. The recent emergence of the Round and Cedar Hills Crossing provide a more intimate, personal shopping experience, and the Beaverton Farmers Market during the summer provides local produce that can’t be beaten in terms of quality.


If golf is your game, you’re in luck—The Reserve Vineyards and Golf Club and Pumpkin Ridge, two outstanding courses, are just 15 minutes west of downtown Beaverton. If you are looking to hit a bucket of balls at lunch time, both The Redtail Golf Center and Caplan’s Golf World are open to the public and within the city limits. 

Filtered sun lights bunches of purple grapes on the vine at local vineyard.



The Tualatin Valley is home to no less than 77 vineyards of Pinot Noir grape production. The descendent of the Pinot Noir, Pinot gris, grows in only very selected regions - Alsace, Italy, Germany, and Oregon. Oregon’s northern latitude, similar to the Bordeaux region in France, brings long summer days and cool, marine breezes that allow Oregon grapes to produce world-class wines on par with the best from Europe. Maps to the most popular vineyards are readily available, and many of them offer tours, shopping, tastings, and events.