Action 2: Recycle Your Stuff

All Beaverton garbage companies offer recycling collection which includes: paper, cardboard, and containers (plastic bottles and tubs, metal and glass). Most of the time, recycling service is included as part of your garbage rate.

What Are You Recycling Now?

Most Beaverton businesses have a dumpster for mixed recycling that is labeled “mixed recycling” somewhere outside of their building. Businesses located in large complexes or business parks may have shared garbage and recycling containers in their enclosure areas. If you’re not already recycling paper, cardboard and containers, call your garbage company or property manager to set up or expand your recycling service. If you generate glass, be sure to keep it separated from the mixed recycling. Contact your garbage company or property manager to request a glass recycling cart for your business.

Don’t Forget Your Janitors

Businesses that use janitors need to communicate with them about recycling. All businesses should ensure that recyclable materials collected inside the building are placed in the proper recycling containers outside for collection.

We Shred

Many companies use a shredding service to shred and recycle sensitive documents. Shredded paper can also be placed directly into your external recycling dumpster - as long as it’s not inside a plastic bag. Make sure your company is only shredding when necessary, as the shredding process lowers the value of the paper in recycling markets.

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