Action 3: Make Recycling Easy

Make it Easy!

Convenience is key! Your employees are more likely to recycle if containers are conveniently located and clearly labeled.

A few things to consider:

  • Make recycling containers as easy to find as garbage cans.
  • Label containers clearly so everyone can quickly understand what goes in and what stays out.
  • Put containers in copier areas, mailrooms and break rooms.
  • Recycling containers are easy to identify when they have a consistent look (also helpful for janitors).

Free Recycling Resources

Recycling Containers

Recycle at Work provides two sizes of free recycling boxes: a small box that fits under a desk and a larger box that is convenient for central collection areas near copiers and in break rooms. Boxes are labeled for “recycling” and list the acceptable materials. Place recycling boxes throughout your office!

Posters and Stickers

Recycle at Work “how-to” posters and stickers make educating your employees easier by showing what is and what is not recyclable.


Want someone to help you along your recycling journey? Call Beaverton’s Recycle at Work program to answer your questions as they arise at 503-526-2460.

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