Community Mediation

Getting Started

To report a problem, call 503-526-2523, or email to

Our staff member will take a brief description of your problem, explain the mediation process, and determine a suitable time for a mediator to call. If your concern is not appropriate for mediation, we will refer you to other resources.

If the matter is urgent, please let our staff person know so we can respond quickly.

A Mediator Will Call

(1 – 5 business days)

A mediator will listen to your concerns, help clarify the issues involved and describe our services. The mediator can assist you in three ways:

  • Your mediator can help you prepare for a successful discussion with the other party about your concern. Our Steps to Resolution can be your guide to a productive discussion. You may find that with helpful information, support, and encouragement you can address the matter on your own.
  • With your permission, the mediator contacts the other person(s) involved, briefly explains your concern, listens to their perspective, and invites them to work with you to resolve the matter in mediation.
  • In some situations the mediator may act as a go-between, talking with parties separately in order to facilitate resolution.

Mediation Session Arrangement

(Scheduled 2 weeks out from request)

  • Your mediator will schedule a convenient time to help you and the other party have a productive conversation.
  • The mediators (in most sessions, two mediators are present) will establish some guidelines for the conversation to provide a safe place to talk.
  • During the session you and the other party will have an opportunity to explain what happened, how you were affected, and what is most important to you.
  • The mediators will encourage each of you to think about possible solutions and reach an agreement designed to meet the needs of all parties.
  • The mediator will help write the specifics of your agreement and you will each receive a copy.

More than eight out of 10 cases reach an agreement. 95% of clients surveyed would recommend mediation to someone in a similar situation.

How long will the whole process take?

Your mediation process, from your first to you final interaction with the Center, may take anywhere from 2 – 5 weeks or more, depending on a number of factors:

  • Number of parties involved
  • Complexity of issues
  • Amount of preparation needed before face-to-face meeting
  • Coordination of schedules between parties and mediator

Our mediators are professionally-trained volunteers who have undergone 50+ hours of training, plus weekly mentorship development. We work to accommodate you by matching mediator schedules with the availability of you and the other parties involved in your process.

Is my situation appropriate? 

Conflicts involving noise, fences, parking, vandalism, animal complaints, pet control, property damage or maintenance, harassment, minor assaults and conflicts over money and personal property are some of the types of issues appropriate for mediation.  The CMD takes most cases with the exceptions of parenting plan/divorce cases, or court-ordered small claims which are handled through WA County programs