Workforce Training Assistance Program

The City of Beaverton is committed to assisting its companies with their efforts to grow and expand within the city. Businesses located in or interested in relocating to Beaverton are eligible to apply for the city’s Workforce Training Assistance Program (WTA). Applicants may receive between $500 and $2,500 per new hire, up to a maximum of $20,000 per year to assist with the costs associated with training those new employees (restrictions apply; funding is set annually and is not guaranteed).

The purpose of the WTA program is to promote the growth of skilled, family wage jobs in Beaverton and focuses on companies related to the following key target market sectors: We recognize that each employer has a unique set of needs and requirements needed to train its employees to the highest level of productivity. In order to provide your businesses with right resources, we work in conjunction with our regional workforce partners to administer and provide specific training program services. As part of this process, we will make introductions to our partners and provide your business with a coordinated approach to all your workforce needs. Depending on your specific training needs, there may be a variety of programs, resources and incentives available.

All projects are designed to have a single City of Beaverton point of contact to help identify and implement a training and resource package customized to meet your company’s needs. For more detailed information about the program please download our brochure at WTA Brochure. When you are ready to apply, please download our electronically fillable pdf Workforce Assistance Training Application (instructions are included).

For more information on the workforce programs and incentives, please contact Rachel Thieme, Project Coordinator, at 503-526-2631 or