Pictures & Video Submission Guide

Best Practices for Submitting Photos and Video Entries


  • It is recommended to submit your photos in either a .JPG or .HEIC format if possible.
  • If using a phone to take the picture, you should hold your phone horizontally (landscape)when taking the photos, to better fill a typical video frame.
    • Vertical (portrait) photos will be accepted but may be reframed for use in the videos we edit.
  • If your device ever asks you what size to save, email or upload, ALWAYS select the largest size available. This will ensure the quality of your photo is not compromised.


  • Do not submit videos longer than 1 minute.
  • It is recommended to submit your videos in either .MOV, .MP4 or .AVI format if possible.
  • If using a phone, ALWAYS hold your phone horizontally (landscape). Videos shot vertically (portrait) do not fill a video screen properly and may be rejected.
  • Video should be shot at 1920 x 1080 resolution. This is the default setting on most phones. If you submit something of lower resolution it may be rejected. If you shoot at higher resolution, we will accept it, but it will be converted to 1920 x 1080 for use.
    • Check your devices settings. If your device ever asks what quality to save, upload or email, ALWAYS select the highest quality and largest file size. This will ensure the quality of the video is not compromised.
  • If you are recording sound, make sure your sound source is close to the phone or camera. Anyone speaking more than three feet from the device will not sound very good. Music can generally be captured from a greater distance.

Guide on best practices for submitting pictures and video - PDF

Horizontal (landscape) - Correct

Mobile phone displayed in horizontal / landscape format recommendation for best media capture.

Vertical (portrait) - Wrong

Mobile phone displayed in vertical / portrait format NOT recommended for media capture.