Capital Projects

Prioritizing Needed Improvements & Expansions

The City of Beaverton’s Capital Improvement Program (CIP) is a dynamic document that lists and prioritizes needed improvements and expansions of the city’s infrastructure system to maintain adequate service levels to existing city residents and businesses and to accommodate population growth and land development. The CIP reflects the needs and priorities established by the city and the resources available to the city. The CIP can be modified during the fiscal year through the supplemental budget process as needs, priorities, and resources change.

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The Process of Identifying Needs

The CIP is updated on a yearly basis. The update begins with a solicitation for input from neighborhood groups, area agencies, and other City departments. City staff compiles this input and updates project lists based on this information, updated deficiency analysis (when available), and projected completion of projects during the current fiscal year.

The Finance Department prepares a preliminary revenue projection for the coming fiscal year. A proposed project list is prepared for the coming fiscal year based on the revenue projection and the total estimated project cost. After review by the CIP Executive Committee, the project list and draft CIP Financial Plan becomes the basis for the next CIP.

Finalizing the CIP

The City’s fiscal year begins on July 1 of each year and ends on June 30 of the next year. Funded projects - projects with approved funding for the current fiscal year - are included in the CIP. Programmed projects - projects included in the financial plan for later fiscal years - are also included for informational purposes. Programmed projects typically provide a starting point for the following year’s CIP. The CIP document also includes project data sheets and sketches for the current fiscal year projects, a list of projects for fiscal years following the current fiscal year, and maps showing the location of programmed projects.

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Capital Project Nomination Form

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