Downtown Design Project

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Third Public Work Session with Planning Commission

The Planning Commission will be reviewing the latest draft of the Downtown Design District Code. This will be the third opportunity for the Planning Commission to review the draft code in its entirety and provide feedback to staff for revisions. This is third of four scheduled work sessions that Planning Commission will participate in. Due to the health precautions of the COVID-19 pandemic, the work session will be held virtually and can be viewed live or archived at the link below.

Planning Commission Work Session
6:30 pm, August 12, 2020
Meeting held virtually; CITY HALL CLOSED

Review the Fourth Draft of the Downtown Design District

The Downtown Design Project is designed to help carry out the Community Vision mission to make Downtown an even more vibrant place. The draft Downtown Design District Code proposes new rules for development in Downtown to:

  • Remove obstacles to desired development
  • Promote quality design that adds to Downtown’s character and meets community expectations

The fourth draft of this code has been revised based on feedback from the community through open houses, online surveys, and one-on-one conversations, as well as from the Planning Commission during a June 10, 2020 work session, and a joint work session with City Council and Planning Commission on July 21, 2020. You can review the previous draft of the Downtown Code under the Documents sidebar on the right side of this page. The most up to date version of the code can be found below.

Read the fourth draft of the new Downtown code here.

Unfamiliar with how Beaverton’s Code works?  This quick explainer can help

We are also proposing changes to Parking and Truck Loading rules. You can review those here.

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Development Code Adoption Schedule

The Downtown Development Code is scheduled to be adopted this fall. Tentative dates for upcoming public meetings to discuss the latest versions of the code, as well as adoption hearings, are listed below. Public testimony can be provided during adoption hearings, and written comments can be provided at any time at  

August 26, 2020: Fourth Planning Commission Work Session

September 23, 2020: Planning Commission Adoption Hearing

October 20, 2020: City Council Adoption Hearing

December 4, 2020; Expected Code Effective Date

What is proposed to change?

Some major changes include:

  • Districts: Increasing land use districts from two to four to tailor development regulations to areas with different character.
  • Street life: Requiring shops and restaurants on the ground-floor of buildings in the downtown core so that streets are more interesting and inviting for dining, shopping and socializing.
  • Design quality: Creating new rules to ensure buildings have good design quality while offering ways the city can approve creative, innovative, highly attractive buildings.
  • Open space: Requiring or encouraging more usable open space (plazas, lawns, gardens, walkways, courtyards, terraces) as part of new developments.
  • Landscaping: Strengthening standards to add more trees and plants to new development.

About the Downtown Design Project 

A vibrant downtown is a top community priority, and the city is taking the next steps to make downtown a livelier, more welcoming destination.

Project goals include:

  • Develop the urban design framework for downtown to define districts and gateways, outline building design and placement, identify opportunities for gathering areas and provide connections for pedestrian and bicyclists to connect everything. The framework was approved by the City Council in Fall 2018.
  • Create opportunities for community members to influence downtown design, including the look and feel of the area. This is ongoing.

  • Update development rules to ensure the urban design framework can become a reality. The draft development rules are available for review now.  We look forward to hearing feedback from the community.  City Council is scheduled to consider approval of these changes this summer.

  • Remove development obstacles. This is a key part of creating new development rules.

  • Develop an action plan to identify quick wins and long term efforts to make downtown as exciting and inviting as ever. This is scheduled for 2020.