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Beaverton Business Recovery Grants - Round 5

Applications now closed.

This new grant program is offered by the City of Beaverton with funding from the State of Oregon. The purpose of the grant program is to help small businesses in Beaverton reopen safely from the COVID-19 pandemic. The grant program expects to award $500,000 in grants to eligible small businesses in one-time grant awards ranging from $2,500 -$25,000. The amount received by selected businesses will depend on the size and type of business, previously-received federal or local assistance (PPP, EIDL, Beaverton Emergency Small Business Grants) as well as the greatest need.

Business eligibility requirements for Beaverton Business Recovery Program

  1. Must be physically located within Beaverton city limits. Not sure? Check here.
  2. For profit businesses and non-profit 501 (c) (3) corporations
  3. Must have been affected by the “Stay Home, Save Lives” executive orders 20-12, by being in one of the following business categories:
    • On premises foods service, including, restaurants, bars, taverns, brew pubs, wine bars, cafes, food courts, coffee shops;
    • Amusement parks;
    • Aquariums;
    • Arcades;
    • Art galleries (to the extent that they are open without appointment);
    • Barber shops and hair salons;
    • Bowling alleys;
    • Cosmetic stores;
    • Dance studios
    • Esthetician practices;
    • Fraternal organization facilities;
    • Furniture stores;
    • Gyms and fitness studios (including climbing gyms);
    • Hookah bars;
    • Indoor and outdoor malls (i.e., all portions of a retail complex containing stores and restaurants in a single area);
    • Indoor party places (including jumping gyms and laser tag);
    • Jewelry shops and boutiques (unless they provide goods exclusively through pick-up or delivery service);
    • Medical spas, facial spas, day spas, and non-medical massage therapy services;
    • Museums; 
    • Nail and tanning salons;
    • Non-tribal card rooms;
    • Skating rinks;
    • Senior activity centers;
    • Ski resorts;
    • Social and private clubs;
    • Tattoo/piercing parlors;
    • Tennis clubs;
    • Theaters;
    • Yoga studios; and
    • Youth clubs.


    If your business was allowed to operate under the Governor’s Executive Order above you must demonstrate a 50% sales reduction in any month between March and August of 2020 as compared with January or February of 2020.

  4. Must have 25 or less full-time employees (including a combination of part-time employees which would add up to 25 full-time employees)
  5. Businesses must not use funds from this program to cover any expenses already covered from another city, county, state or federal grant program.

Planning to apply?

Preparation Pre-Application Checklist
Lista de verificación de la preparación previa a la solicitud

  1. Application Information needed:
    1. NAICS Code listed on taxes
    2. Oregon Secretary of State Business Registration Number (format: XXXXXXXX)
    3. Employer Identification Number (EIN) (format: XX-XXXXXXX)
    4. Oregon Business Identification Number (BIN) (format: XXXXXXX-X)
    5. Company principals and the percent ownership for each
    6. If you have 5 or more employees, the number of employees listed on the Oregon Employment Department Form 132 for Q4 2019 or Q1 2020.
    7. Number of jobs that will be retained at your business because of the grant. Include jobs lost since February 29, 2020 that can now be retained because of the grant.
    8. Amount of other federal assistance received to date, i.e. PPP, EIDL, or other CARES Act funding. Evidence of the amount can include a copy of the CARES funding loan agreement(s), verification of deposit into a bank account of EIDL grant proceeds, etc.
    9. Amount of any State of Oregon COVID-19 Business assistance received to date (through any other business support or community-based organizations).
  2. Start gathering these documents in case you are pre-qualified:
    1. Oregon Employment Form 132: For 5+ employees: provide Q4 2019 or Q1 2020 to verify the number of employees as of February 29, 2020.
    2. Federal CARES Act Fund Documentation PPP, EIDL, etc., agreement, or proof of deposit into bank account.
    3. W9 Form Download, complete, and save to allow for upload with app.
    4. For 501c(3) Non-profit Proof in the form of an IRS determination letter indicating 501c(3) status.
    5. If your business was able to operate under Executive Order 20-12 Proof of 50% or more reduction in sales for one month as compared to January or February 2020. Documentation can include profit and loss statements, statement of sales reports, etc. Use the worksheet of the Pre-Application Checklist on page 2 to determine month and sales amounts and resulting sales/revenue loss.

Grant Amounts

Grant amounts will be determined by funds availability and the table below. Grant amounts can be reduced by previous assistance either through PPP or EIDL or business grants from the City of Beaverton.

  • 0-5 employees: $2,500 or documented expenses* up to a maximum of $5,000
  • 6-10 employees: $5,000 documented expenses* up to a maximum of $10,000
  • 11-15 employees: $7,500 or documented expenses* up to a maximum of $15,000
  • 16-20 employees: $10,000 or documented expenses* up to a maximum of $20,000
  • 21-25 employees: $12,500 or documented expenses* up to a maximum of $25,000

* fixed expenses (real estate and equipment rents, utilities, insurance, etc. …)

Ineligible Businesses

  • Businesses (such as marijuana businesses) that do not comply with all federal, state and local laws and regulations.
  • Businesses not headquartered and with principal operations in Oregon.
  • Passive real estate holding companies and other entities holding passive investments (such as residential rental properties or short-term rentals).
  • Non-profit entities that do not have federal 501(c)(3) status.
  • Businesses that experience a decline in revenues for reasons other than those caused by the COVID-19 pandemic (e.g., seasonal or cyclical businesses).
  • Businesses that are delinquent on federal, state or local taxes that were due on or before the date of application.
  • Businesses that have already received grant funds through the State of Oregon COVID-19 Emergency Business Grant program or from the Statewide Business and Cultural Support program.


For additional questions please reach out to the MESO grant team at the following number:

  • 503-489-7410 (English and Español)


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