What events are exempt?
No Temporary Use Permit is required for non-mobile temporary use if the use or activity:
  1. Is located on property zoned Commercial, Multiple Use or Industrial where the proposed temporary use or activity is permitted outright by the zone; AND
  2. Operates for no more than three consecutive days in a week and for no more than six times in any twelve-month period; AND
  3. Is located outside all required vision clearance areas and the first 20 feet of vehicle aisle space as measured from all site entrances and exits to the public right-of-way; AND
  4. Has received the property owner’s permission; AND
  5. Operates only between 7:00 am and 10:00 pm; AND
  6. Occupies an area that is no more than five parking spaces or 800 square feet of surface area, excluding vehicle drive aisles and minimum off-street parking as required in Section 60.30 and areas required for fire access; OR
  7. Is a special event permitted under Chapter 7 of the City Code. See examples

Examples of temporary events not requiring permits if matching exemption criteria:

  • Weekend car wash for fundraising on commercial property.
  • Big wedding on private property that does not block streets.
  • Bus tour through streets that does not block streets.
  • Weekend sale/promotional event limited to 800 sq. ft.

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