When is a Special Event Permit required?
Chapter 7, Section 7.05 of the Beaverton Code identifies the scope, definitions and limitations for Special Events. A Special Event is an assembly or gathering of persons for entertainment, recreation, the display or sale of goods or services, or other common purpose to be undertaken by a person other than the City that may involve use or closure of public right-of-way or City-owned property, use of sound amplifying devices, use of public personnel or resources for emergency response or any combination of these elements. Special Event Permits are required for events on City property, park district property or within the public right-of-way.

Special rules apply for use of certain City-owned properties:
  • City Park (at SW 5th St and Watson Ave)
  • West Parking Lot and Greenspace (west of Hall Blvd across from the Library)
  • City Library premises (on SW 5th St east of Hall Blvd)
  • North and South Plaza at the Round
  • Other City property added by the Mayor to the scope of Beaverton Code Chapter 9, Section 9.08.040

A special event permit is not required for occasional use of sidewalks for demonstrations, street performances, etc. that do not block the sidewalk or private driveways.

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