What if I already missed a rent payment and the property owner sent me a default notice?

You should take this seriously and act quickly. Take a look at the default section of your lease. Many leases specify that you have a certain number of days to cure a default, such as failure to pay your rent, before the property owner can evict you. Keep in mind that even though Oregon courts might not hear eviction complaints until June, most commercial property owners can exercise “self-help,” or lock out a tenant if a tenant falls behind on rent.

You can first reach out to the property owner and try to work out an arrangement. However, if the property owner is unwilling to work out an arrangement, contact an attorney to see if they can help with negotiations or if your lease or state law has other available remedies.

If you were not planning to stay in the space anyway, you should still take a look at the default and remedies sections of your lease. Even if you did not plan to stay, you are likely still on the hook for rent payments and possibly other payments, as well.

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