What if my lease states that I have to be open during certain days and hours?

This is where a Force Majeure clause would come in handy. A very common feature of Force Majeure clauses is that they usually excuse a party from performing due to an unexpected operation of law or government action. Governor Brown’s Executive Order No. 20-12, issued on March 23, 2020, mandated the closure of certain businesses and required working from home or very limited service of others (such as restaurants).

Certainly no one could have anticipated the global pandemic caused by the coronavirus. Since Governor Brown’s Executive Order made certain business operations impossible, it is likely that the Force Majeure clause in your lease excuses you from this particular requirement. Even if you do not have a Force Majeure clause in your lease, you are still likely excused from performing this lease obligation if remaining open would violate the Governor’s Order. A court would not require you to violate the pandemic restrictions in order to comply with lease terms. Clarify this term during your negotiations with the property owner to make sure you both are on the same page.

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