What is the city doing to engage multicultural communities for this project?

As part of our efforts to incorporate a variety of ideas and perspectives into the city’s housing projects and programs, we established a new group that is comprised of culturally and racially diverse community members with an interest in housing.

In partnership with Unite Oregon, the city formed the Inclusive Housing Cohort. Unite Oregon is a community organization led by people of color, immigrants and refugees, rural communities and people experiencing poverty to build an intercultural movement for justice in Oregon.

The cohort held its first meeting in January 2020. The Inclusive Housing Cohort will provide input into several housing-related projects being led by the city, including the Metro Affordable Housing Bond Implementation, the Housing Options Project, and the Cooper Mountain Community Plan.

In addition to the Inclusive Housing Cohort, we are hosting housing-focused community meetings with interpretation available during the meeting, and in some cases, translated materials available prior to the meeting. In the past year, we have held community meetings with Spanish, Chinese, Thai, and Farsi interpretation available during the meeting.

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3. What is the city doing to engage multicultural communities for this project?
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