Will newer housing types be affordable?

Historically, neighborhoods where middle housing is present offer more sales and rental price variety. Middle housing includes duplexes, triplexes, quadplexes, townhouses and cottage clusters (small homes on one lot that share a courtyard) as “middle housing.”

However, the City of Beaverton cannot require middle housing to be sold or rented at a particular price. Sellers set sales and rental prices based on their development costs and what they estimate people will pay.

Newly built middle housing will probably be sold or rented at market rates, but some may be more affordable by design. Living units in middle housing are often smaller than the typical detached house. Because price often increases as square footage increases, smaller homes can be less expensive. Operating and maintenance costs can be lower for smaller homes as well.

We know many people struggle to pay monthly housing costs and that affordability is an important community issue. As we develop new code standards to comply with HB 2001, we’ll consider ways our standards could help make housing more affordable.

Increasing housing supply might also take some pressure off the market, which is another way that this project can address housing affordability.

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1. Will newer housing types be affordable?
2. What processes are being pursued to encourage the building of more affordable housing options that support multi-generational families?