What areas will be affected by HB 2001 overall? In the City of Beaverton?

Cities with populations of 1,000 or more and Washington, Multnomah and Clackamas counties are affected. Each jurisdiction will develop its own regulations while following HB 2001 rules.

HB2001 applies to lots or areas zoned for residential use that allows for the development of single-detached homes. In Beaverton, this includes R1, R2, R4, R5, R7 and R10 zones.

View city zoning for your neighborhood: gis.beavertonoregon.gov/BeavertonSearch

Land not in a residential district, like commercial, industrial or public land, is not affected. Land outside the UGB isn't affected, either.

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1. What is House Bill 2001 and what is "Middle Housing?"
2. What areas will be affected by HB 2001 overall? In the City of Beaverton?
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