Have other counties or states done something like HB 2001?

Middle housing is not new. These housing types were common in neighborhoods built before World War II. We still see them in many thriving historic districts and older neighborhoods.

Expanding opportunities for middle housing in newer neighborhoods – where detached houses might currently be the only housing type available – is a recent concept. In 2019, Minneapolis was the first city to adopt a policy to boost middle housing potential in all residential zones city-wide. Several Oregon cities, including Bend and Portland, adopted similar policies.

In 2019, Oregon became the first state to require cities and counties to expand middle housing opportunities.

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1. What is House Bill 2001 and what is "Middle Housing?"
2. What areas will be affected by HB 2001 overall? In the City of Beaverton?
3. What is required to comply with HB 2001?
4. Why is HB 2001 important?
5. How will decisions be made on new regulations?
6. Where is there flexibility with HB 2001 compliance?
7. Where is there not flexibility with HB 2001 compliance?
8. Can I still build a single-detached home?
9. Is the city going to force people in existing neighborhoods to build middle housing?
10. Have other counties or states done something like HB 2001?
11. In some neighborhoods Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs), other agreements between private parties, or deed restrictions don’t allow more than one living unit per lot. How do I know if r
12. What if I have concerns about the requirements of House Bill 2001?