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1. I forgot to attend my court hearing, alcohol evaluation or a court ordered class. What should I do?
2. I didn’t show up for court when I was supposed to or I didn’t pay my criminal court fines and fees. I think there is a warrant for my arrest. What are my options?
3. I can’t afford to make a payment pursuant to my court payment plan for a traffic citation or a criminal case. What should I do?
4. I just received a photo radar/red light citation in the mail. I am not the driver. How can I get this ticket dismissed?
5. I just received a notice from the court that I failed to appear for a traffic light citation. I never received the ticket. How can I get the fine lowered?
6. I just received a notice from the DMV that my license was suspended by the court. How can I clear this up?
7. How do I get a Hardship Driving Permit?
8. How do I get my IID Removed?