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CMD Training Registration Form: Conflict Coaching

  1. Course Description

    The Basic Three- Day Training introduces participants to the nature of conflict coaching and the CCM conflict coaching model. The CCM model was developed by Tricia Jones and Ross Brinkert, conflict and communication scholars with over thirty years of teaching, research and practice in conflict processes. The CCM model emphasizes the importance of a narrative understanding of conflict, the power of multiple perspectives in conflict analysis, the creativity of appreciative approaches to change, and a deep respect for helping parties develop skills to enact the conflict change they have identifies as their best direction. The CCM model is a four stage process:

    1. Discovering the Story
    2. Exploring Three Perspectives of Identity, Emotion and Power
    3. Crafting the Best Story
    4. Enacting the Best Story
    Stages 1 and 2 accomplish a central goal of deep conflict analysis. Stage 3 enables visioning and selection of a desired change direction for the conflict. And Stage 4 consists of a coach helping a party develop skills necessary to transfer the conflict plan into conflict action. The Three-Day Basic training emphasizes Stages 1 through 3 of the CCM model . Given the range of Stage 4 skills topics that CCM instructs, the Stage 4 skills in the Three-Day training focus on key communication skills.

  2. Dates:

    March 19, 20, and 21, 2020

  3. Time:

    9 am to 5 pm

  4. Location:

    Beaverton Building, Council Chambers
    12725 SW Millikan Way, Beaverton OR 97005

  5. Cost:*

  6. Payments handled through Six Rivers Dispute Resolution Center

    If check, mail to: PO Box 1594, Hood River, OR 97031
    If credit card by phone, call: 541-386-1283 x3

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