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Mayor's Youth Advisory Board (MYAB) Application

  1. NOTE: MYAB requires a serious time commitment of approximately three hours a week (this can include MYAB board meetings, attending other board/city council meetings as assigned, MYAB events, and outside sub-committee work.) Please consider this before applying. MYAB members must be able to attend 90% of said activities throughout the school year, or they will be asked to resign from the board.

  2. Applications are CLOSED for the 2020 - 2021 academic year.
    To be considered for the 2021 - 2022 year, complete the application.

  3. The mission of MYAB is to serve the common good of the community and provide a voice for youth while organizing constructive community projects, strengthening relationships among all members of the community, promoting youth activism in governmental affairs, and acting as a resource for any city organization upon request. Visit for more information.

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  4. Parental Permission

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  5. Permission

    If selected, I will permit and support him / her in attending meetings and activities related to the Mayor’s Youth Advisory Board. (Activities in the past have included, but are not limited to, collecting canned food, volunteering at food pantries, coordinating annual Youth Summit and Volunteer / Internship Fair, volunteering at retirement facilities, and Adopt-a-Road clean-up events.)

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  6. Contact Info

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  8. Supplemental Questions

  9. MYAB works in sub-committees. Of the following options, which sub-committees would fit you best?*

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  11. Have you attended or participated in an MYAB event?*

  12. Do you understand that MYAB is a serious time commitment of 3 hours per week and are you able to make this commitment fit into your shcedule?*

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