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Cooper Mountain Community Plan: Community Advisory Committee Application

  1. Contact Information

  2. Would you like to be added to the Cooper Mountain Community Plan mailing list?

  3. Do you need language interpretation?

  4. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, CAC meetings will be held virtually until it is safe to meet in-person. Have you participated in a virtual meeting (such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams)?

  5. Do you need any disability/technology/accessibility accommodations?

  6. Interests and Experiences

    We are seeking advisory committee applicants from a variety of backgrounds with different life experiences because research shows diverse groups can generate innovative ideas and help the city make better decisions.

    Also, the Cooper Mountain Community Plan project seeks to create equitable outcomes for residents, including historically under served and underrepresented communities, and provide new housing in a variety of housing types and for all income levels.

    So please apply! The following questions will help us learn a little bit about you and other applicants so we can have a strong, diverse group.

  7. What is your connection to the Beaverton area? Check all that apply:

  8. The City strongly values diversity, equity and inclusion and is committed to anti-racism. Are you willing to support this work through participation on the advisory committee?

  9. How did you find out about this opportuity?

  10. Personal Information

  11. What is your Racial or Ethnic identity? Check all that apply:

  12. What is your age?

  13. Are you in need of a $25 food stipend (food stipends available for meeting nights)?

  14. Do you need childcare during committee meeting nights?

  15. If selected to participate on the committee, which meeting times generally work best with your schedule? (Please note, we will use this to schedule meetings that accommodate the most applicants).

    Check all that apply

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