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Public Records Request

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  6. Fees

    ORS 192.440(3) authorizes a public body to establish fees to reimburse for actual cost in making public records available. The actual cost may include: a charge for the time spent by the public body’s staff in locating the requested records; reviewing the records in order to delete exempt material; supervising a person’s inspection of original documents in order to protect the records; copying records; certifying documents as true copies; or sending records by special methods such as express mail.

    Following those parameters, the City Recorder’s office has determined that the following fee schedule will be used to assess charges for Public Records requests:

    • Staff Charges: Staff charges depend upon which staff person performs the work, which in turn depends upon the expertise required for the research.
    • 11 X 17 copy: $ .20 per page
    • Audio Tapes: $ 5.00 each
    • Certified Copies: $ 3.75 each
    • Copying: $ .10 per page
    • Double-Sided: $ .15 per page
    • Microfiche: $ .15 each
    • Plans: $ 4.00 each

  7. Please be advised all requests for Public Records must be made in writing.

  8. Public Records requests will be reviewed within 24 hours. Upon request, an estimate of costs for staff time will be made, and if the time required to respond to the request exceeds that estimate, the requester will be informed prior to the research continuing.

  9. Any request for which the estimate exceeds $50, will require payment of the estimated charges in advance. Any unused funds will be refunded.

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