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Web Assessment Survey

  1. Required Questions (8):
  2. Is the quality of the Beaverton website important to you?*
  3. If eGovernmen applications which enable you to do business with the city from the convenience of your home or workplace were available, would you be likely to use such services?*
  4. In the future, do you think that the importance of online services will:*
  5. How important are the following benefits to you?
  6. Website convenience (24 x 7 availability, anytime from anywhere)?*
  7. Ability to conduct business and get information without going to city building (savings in time and travel)?*
  8. Having centralized, easy to find information with advanced search capabilities?*
  9. Not having to talk on the phone or in person with city staff?*
  10. Do you live and / or work in the City of Beaverton?*
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  12. Gender:
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