CIP 3522 - Library Fountain Improvement Project

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Library Fountain Improvement Project

Newly renovated City Park Fountain with LED lighting at night.

City Park Fountain Nearly Complete, See You in Spring!

It’s been just over a year since work began to upgrade the fountain at City Park—an exciting project that includes relocation of an underground vault, mechanical equipment and piping upgrades, and resizing of the fountain splash pad. Now, construction fencing is soon to come down, revealing a new space for community members to enjoy. The fountain will remain off until next spring due to weather, but the area around the fountain, including play equipment, will be open. 

Project Description

The new renovations reduce the amount of staff time necessary to perform maintenance and repairs, reduce the amount of shutdowns which interfere with public use, and save money in the long run by moving operations to an above-ground pump house. In addition to these structural upgrades, the city has added programmable fountain jets, lights, and sound to the fountain to further enhance public enjoyment and add new dimension to city events which take place in and around City Park. To make way for the new pump house, the swing set has been moved closer to the play structure.

Watch the November 2020 Presentation with the Project Team

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Project Contacts

For general questions and inquiries please contact:
Stacy Revay, Public Outreach Management Analyst
Phone: 503-713-7809

Project Justification

The Fountain, originally designed by Walker Macy & Hacker Architects, was installed in 1999. In its current condition the Fountain requires extensive repair and maintenance due to its aging infrastructure and many of the spray heads and connecting plumbing have corroded to the point of failure. The in-ground vault is not waterproof, requires more manpower to access than an above-ground structure, and has also experienced the need for a higher level of maintenance over the past four years.

Two workers tending to the above ground controls of the fountain.

Key Project Milestones

  • Design/Permitting: Summer 2020 – Fall 2020
  • Virtual Open House: November 2020
  • Construction Anticipated: January 2021 Fall 2021

Project Estimated Cost

The cost of the Fountain upgrades and renovations is estimated to be between $2.5  $2.7 million. In June of 2020 the City was able to secure a $90 million bond in which $2.5 million was allocated for the Fountain project.

Project Area