CIP 3112 - Allen Blvd/92nd Ave Shared Use Path

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Allen Blvd / 92nd Ave Shared Use Path

SW 92nd Ave stop sign onto SW Allen Blvd, facing south

Project Description

The project completes a missing segment of the Fanno Creek Regional Trail. The project includes construction of approximately 500 feet of 14-foot wide shared use path on the south side of Allen Blvd between Scholls Ferry Rd and 92nd Ave. Other improvements include a roundabout and crossing improvements at 92nd Ave/Allen Blvd, signal and crossing improvements at Allen Blvd/Scholls Ferry Rd, curb and gutter, planter strip, lighting, and storm water improvements.

Virtual Open House

Learn more about the Allen Blvd./92nd Avenue Shared Use Pathway Project and explore the features in-depth.

Watch the August 2020 Presentation with the Project Team

Project Contact

For general questions and inquiries please contact:
Stacy Revay, Public Outreach Management Analyst
Phone: 503-713-7809

Project Justification

The three overarching reasons for completing this project are 1) to accomplish a City Council goal and Community Vision Action Plan goal to install safe sidewalks and pedestrian lighting citywide and 2) to begin implementation of our Active Transportation Plan (ATP), adopted in February 2018 and 3) to accomplish Beaverton’s Climate Action Plan action goal of completing bicycle and pedestrian gaps and creating new connection options for community members. Both of these projects are strongly supported by the Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District (THPRD).

Key Project Milestones

  • Virtual Open House: Summer 2020
  • Final Design Anticipated:  Fall 2021
  • Construction Anticipated: Spring 2022 thru Fall 2022

Project Estimated Cost

  • $3.2 Million

Project Area

Transportation project map of SW Allen Blvd between SW Scholls Ferry Rd and SW 92nd Ave.