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Public Safety in Beaverton

In June 2020, Council passed a resolution denouncing systemic racism and committed to “eliminate racism in city structures and practices, to work toward the elimination of institutional racism in our community, and to improve the lived experiences of all people of color through our actions and leadership.”

City Council, Beaverton Police Department, Department Heads and the Mayor, are committed to learn and explore ways to address systemic racism within our city structures and practices. Since the resolution, city leadership has actively engaged in the following:

July-December 2020

  • Beaverton Police Department and the Human Rights Advisory Commission Inquiry Sessions

July-August 2020

  • City Council Community Work Sessions on Beaverton Police Department current practices and policies

August-September 2020

August-October 2020

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Plan Progress Report
    • Review items regarding Public Safety and report out on status to City Council in October. Read more about DEI Plan

Timeline graphic illustrating activities underway by city leadership relating to public safety and racial equity. Opens in new window

Timeline text version

Please, keep sending us your emails, participating in visitor comment during Council meetings, and having conversations with us. We recognize the scope of the work to be done and appreciate your input as we move to the next steps.

The City of Beaverton strongly encourages submitting written public testimony to the City Council at In addition, members of the public may submit comments to City Council by calling 503-755-9544 during the meeting (please join the call 20 minutes before the start of the meeting to be put into the queue for the Visitor Comments section).

We also welcome invitations to speak to your organizations, or ideas on how we can be even more visible in the community.

Other resources:

Police Department Budget Comparisons
FY 2020-21 Adopted Budget

The City’s total adopted budget is $406,000,000 and the Police Departments budget of $36,000,000 represents 9% of the total budget.

One way to display the City’s budget information is by City Departments and Divisions.

Chart 1, below, shows the city’s Adopted Budget by Department and Divisions. The largest city department is Public Works / Operations, budgeted at just over $82 million, making up about 20% of the city’s budget. This department is responsible for the day-to-day operations and maintenance of the city’s streets, water system, sewer system, and storm water system.

The Police Department is the fifth largest, at $36.7 million, and is 9% of the overall city budget. Over 95,000 services calls are taken or initiated by the department in a year. Some of the Police’s departments duties include, patrol, traffic, investigations, community policing, code compliance and the behind the scenes staff that work to ensure that Beaverton is one of the safest cities in the Northwest including, records management, training, evidence and administration.

Pie chart of city departmental budget expenditures link to FY2020-21 Adopted Budget.