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1. What is a city charter?
2. When was the existing city charter last adopted?
3. How does the city charter get changed?
4. Will there be a public vote?
5. If approved by voters, when would the new charter take effect?
6. What happens if the proposed city charter does not pass?
7. If the measure passes, what would be the cost to tax payers?
8. Why was the city charter referred to voters for consideration?
9. What would the proposed city charter do?
10. If the measure passes, would the position of mayor remain a full-time position?
11. If the measure passes, would councilor positions remain part-time positions?
12. What are the basic forms of government utilized by other Oregon cities?
13. Was there a public process to receive input from Beaverton voters?
14. How can Beaverton voters and community members get information about the proposed city charter?