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1. What does the City Manager do? Is there anything exceptional in the job description?
2. What does the City Manager do in a City Council meeting? Does the City Manager vote?
3. The Mayor's job is still full-time. What are the Mayor's new responsibilities?
4. Why is the City recruiting for an Interim City Manager first? Why not proceed with making a regular appointment now?
5. What is the recruitment process? How can people in Beaverton provide advice and input about the person who might be selected?
6. Who selects the City Manager?
7. Who would want to serve as Interim City Manager for six months or less?
8. What positions directly report to the City Manager? Which positions do not? Will the new City Manager replace all the current department heads?
9. What happens to the staff of the Mayor's Office?
10. How will a seven-member City Council operate?
11. Is the City Manager required to live in the city?
12. What is the salary of the City Manager position? Does it include a car? Are they appointed for a fixed term?
13. Are my property taxes going to go up because of this change?
14. What other Oregon cities have a City Manager?
15. I heard that Beaverton used to have a City Manager. What happened?
16. If there is a disagreement between the Mayor and the City Manager, who prevails?
17. Will the City Manager have a full-time Chief of Staff? With the decrease in duties and responsibilities, will the Mayor still have a full-time Chief of Staff?
18. Why did the City Council propose a City Charter change and why did the community support it?
19. What else is new in the 2021 City Charter?
20. How will Charter changes pertaining to the expansion of the Council impact the boards on which Council serves? (e.g. BURA, BURA Budget, Budget)
21. Who will appoint the incoming board and commission members for the 2021 term with the new Council members and potential new Mayor? Will the appointments still take place in December 2020?